by Joe Korbin

When it comes to finding the top Halloween costumes for 2010, Alice In Wonderland Halloween costumes are certainly going to be selling out fast! Tim Burton's movie was a huge success, and the beauty of this Halloween theme is that there are costumes available to suit just about anyone.

1) Alice: The first costume choice is going to be Alice. You can get hold of the classic Alice in Wonderland Halloween costume, consisting of the blue dress and apron, and the costume has now been updated a little for Halloween 2010.

2) The Red Queen Costume: The Red Queen, also known as the Queen of Hearts, is probably the most popular of Alice in Wonderland Halloween costume ideas for women. She has an unusually large head, along with an impressive heart detail dress!

3) White Queen: the White Queen is the sister and enemy of the Red Queen. To replicate her look, dress all in white but make sure you leave long dark hair and dark nails.

4) The Mad Hatter: This is probably going to be one of the biggest and best costumes that you'll see around at Halloween 2010. The Mad Hatter is the loveable character played by Johnny Depp, who wears a brown hat, has red hair and a distressed suit.

5) White Rabbit: The White Rabbit is always popular at Halloween. Get the vest, the top hat and the pocket watch to complete the look.

6) Tweedledee/ Tweedledum Costume: These characters could be very fun for those going to a party with a friend. Make sure you can replicate their full figures and get hold on a propeller hat to get the distinctive Alice in Wonderland Halloween costume look.

7) Cheshire Cat Costume Ideas: Want something a little different? Some great Alice in Wonderland Halloween costume ideas include going for the Cheshire cat. You're going to need an extra big smile!

8) Caterpillar: This is a caterpillar who loves to smoke! Just dress up in a blue body suit, with plenty of legs, to complete the look.

There are no shortage of Alice in Wonderland Halloween costume ideas for Halloween 2010! This is set to be one of the biggest themes, so get shopping now to make sure your favourite costume hasn't sold out! - 39969

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