by Thomas T. Wright

Weight loss and health are undeniably connected. Physicians are in agreement. There are not one in four doctors that agree. There are not two in four doctors that agree. There are not three in four doctors that agree. You see because "all" typically refers to, like, four in four doctors. And they're all in agreement. And doctors really don't do that very often. They are usually a pretty contentious bunch. But they'll all tell you the same thing: losing weight can greatly benefit your overall health.

Some people aren't obese, but they're overweight. And they're not off the hook. Being overweight also has negative health ramifications. Overweight individuals should carefully consider opportunities to lose weight. Obese people can and should take advantage of weight loss opportunities, but so should overweight people. In some cases it can even be more important for an overweight person to lose weight than an obese person. This situation occurs when an overweight individual also has a family medical history attached to their genetic stamp that leaves them at higher risks for weight related conditions/diseases.

It could be that an overweight individual has a genetic weakness for cardiac disease or diabetes. In cases such as this (or similar cases where the overweight individual's family history indicates a prevalence for other weight related conditions) it is even more vital that the overweight person consider the benefits of appropriate weight loss.

The body shape can indicate another aspect of "risk" when it comes to weight and weight related conditions. If an individual carries their "weight" around their waist they are more likely to suffer from weight related conditions such as cardiac disease and/or diabetes. Overweight individuals who carry their weight around their hips are less likely to suffer from cardiac disease and/or diabetes and similar weight related conditions.

Overweight people should be excited about even a small amount of weight loss. It can result in decreased health risks and increased overall health. Even 5 to 10 lbs. can provide a noticeable alteration in the state of health of an at risk individual. It can be especially apparent in those trying to lose weight in order to decrease their blood pressure and/or cholesterol level.

People who are overweight are often found running straight toward the prescription HCG weight loss method; especially in the last year. The method has become wildly popular in the last year or two due to the increased availability of the necessary supplies and dieting elements. It offers the opportunity to drop drastic amounts of weight in a short amount of time. The amount of time required varies depending on the amount of weight that needs to be lost. Individuals can agree to a 15 day program, a 26 day program or a 40 day program. Average weight loss is typically the deciding factor for which program individuals choose since dedicated dieters average 1 to 2 pounds of weight loss per day. - 39969

About the Author:
Thomas T. Wright has studied neutraceuticals and hormone related pharmaceuticals for more than a decade. He discovered the benefits of The Prescription HCG Diet more than five years ago and has been a staunch supporter since then.