by Vernon Oliver

Perhaps like most moms, you think you have to do everything perfectly. While this seldom works with being a parent, it certainly can harm your efforts to lose the baby weight. You may feel there is no point on starting a new pregnancy weight loss program because you couldn?t stick to it. Since you can?t be perfect at it, you won?t even try. It?s the thoughts in your head that will sabotage you before you even begin.

Well, don?t let your thoughts stop you from starting a weight loss program. Here are some tips to help you get over your diet perfectionism.

Tip 1: To obtain your ideal weight, don?t focus on short term fixes that will only help you lose the pounds temporarily. Instead, focus on identifying bad habits and find some lasting changes to make. Just remember you don?t have to follow any one plan. Begin to make small changes, like serving veggies and dip instead of greasy potato chips.

Tip 2: Diet is a hated word and conjures up images of boring meals and a rumbling stomach. To avoid this, don?t think of your weight loss plan as inflexible. Concentrate on making healthy and conscious choices every time you have a meal or snack. Savor your meals and slow down to really enjoy your food. This will lead you to greater happiness with what you?re eating ? even if it is diet food.

Tip3: In France, it seems like those glamorous women can eat whatever they want and not get fat. Well that?s not quite true. In France, women have learned that they can enjoy a treat every once in awhile. They don?t use that as an excuse to fall off the healthy lifestyle bandwagon. Instead, they just eat a little less for the rest of the day to compensate.

Tip 4: Keep a diet diary. Every meal and snack, write down everything, including the nibbles here and there. Review and note down all the times when you would have liked a do over on how much or what you ate.

Then, make a vow to yourself that you won?t do the same thing tomorrow. Determine what you need to do to prevent the behavior from happening again.

Moms are just like everyone else. No one is perfect. Losing those pregnancy pounds is hard work. After all it could have taken years to get to where you ware. So don?t be too hard on yourself and fear of failure mess up your weight loss efforts. - 39969

About the Author:
Celebrities Lose Baby Weight But as you probably know this doesn't always work with raising kids. Check off the foods and portion sizes you would like to do over if you could - either not eat at all or eat less off. Well, don't let your thoughts stop you from starting a weight loss program.