More and more you are coming up with ways to be more romantic these days, and finding a matchless love poem for her iswhat you are after. When your honey is important to you there isn't a more meaningful way to demonstrate your love than one perfect poem. Maybe two. That is where you can get into trouble, though. There are oodles poems, an avalanche, all over. Some are good, some are very bad. Some are stale, mushy, over the top. Some are cold and clinical. With all the alternatives, how are you to unearth just the right one? A lot of times you succumb and just pick one, which isn't the most ideal course. Pop over to love poems for her right now to see some dynamite ideas, and for more insider tips on getting the perfect one.

For my whole life I've been captivated by love. My dad was a hopeless romantic, his favorite poem was Cyrano de Berjerac, the ill fated romance with "Roxanne". He so adored that poem that he insisted my middle name be Roxanne, and he quoted parts of it almost every night. Despite the name Spencer, I am definitely female, and have devoted a great deal of my research and teaching to all things love and romance. I've worked with hundreds of men, women, and couples during the years to create that 'just right' mix, and when it comes to love poems, I'd like to give you a couple of pointers, here.

Here's the inside story:

First, a poem is not a poem is not a poem. This is your beloved you are talking about. A love poem for her, that magical person who has your heart, has to be unique to her. And, you. You, both of you, are the two factors that make the magic in your relationship. That perfect poem, or package of poems, needs to show what you feel about her. That will slip right into her soul, and she will know you absolutely mean the words. Take time to write down special feelings and thoughts you have. What is she like? Traditional? Funky? Who is your woman? Who are you? That will direct you to the right blend of poems.

Second, Love poems can be given in unique ways to make them even more unique. Be a little creative. Write it on different paper, roll it up and put a ribbon around it and hide it next to her morning coffee. Have it printed on wild paper and tape it to the bathroom mirror. Call her on the phone after she gets out of a tense day at work, and read it to her. Pull her into your arms in bed tonight, and read it to her as you drift to sleep. Even if you don't read out loud very well, I absolutely guarantee on this one, she will genuinely know beyond a doubt she's adored. It is you we love, not your public speaking skills.

"Getting it right" is a no-brainer when you have some expert tips, tricks, insider guidance and support. For your free guide to sharing that completely perfect love poem, and tons more direction and poems, head to love poems for her dot net.

About the Author:

Spencer Harte knows that showing guys "get it" is part of the fun. She has taught courses, workshops, created buckets of online goodies for all things love. She is a female, a total romantic, and a teacher and guide to those craving more love, more romance, and more of life. love poems for her