by Alice Patel

The sight of Christmas light is sure to elicit a smile in the faces and a spark in the eyes of children of all ages. There are many recent innovations in Christmas lights so this is a good opportunity to start if you are a neophyte in lighting decorations. Light emitting diodes (LED) lights and solar lights are two or the newer options. These kinds of lights can be expected to last for years. The easiest and most affordable approach to light up your property is to start with a few and add some more each year. You do not need to buy all your lights in a single purchase and break your bank account. As you gain more experience and knowledge in Christmas lighting, you are building up your collection at the same time over the years.

There are a lot of beautiful choices if you are new to Christmas light decorating. LED lights or solar lights are now available from among the array of choices. They are more durable and can be expected to last for many more Christmases that follow. You can slowly build up yourChristmas lights decorations, so you do not have buy them in a single purchase. The most affordable way to light up your house is to add new lights every year. String lights and garlands are the ideal decorations to start with. You can simply add more to your collection every year, and before you know it, you have already accumulated enough for a marvelous display.

If you are decorating for the first time, now is the perfect time to start. The current breed of Christmas lights are more durable and can be relied to last for more Christmas seasons to come especially the new LED and solar light varieties.

LED Lights- are beautiful because they have brilliant and more vibrant light. LED lights are slowly turning to be the favorite light option because they are energy efficient and can provide a lot of savings in energy cost during the Christmas season. LED lights can be found in different forms of Christmas light options, like net lights, icicle lights, string lights, specialty garland lights among others.

String Lights- are the traditional Christmas lighting choice, the basic ingredient of many home Christmas light decorations. They are more widely known to most people as straight light or twinkle light depending on their lighting characteristics. They are very versatile and can be utilized to enhance any place that you can plug them in. Inflatables and other decoration styles often use the medium sized C7 or the larger conventional C9 bulb variety of straight lights.

String Lights- are a long time part of Christmas lighting tradition. Some people fondly call them twinkle lights or string lights. They are the most adaptable Christmas lighting decorations. You can hang them straight or in any shape, or wrap them around pillars and banisters as accent pieces. String lights also come in larger customary C9 and medium C& bulb option often utilized in inflatable and other decoration technique.

Icicle Lights are beautiful, offering more lights than ordinary straight lights. Available with LED or traditional incandescent bulbs, icicle lights are best for outdoor Christmas lighting. They are great to give shape to your rooftop, fences and other things you want to outline.

Net Lights- It used to be a backbreaking project to hang Christmas lights on shrubs, tress and other unevenly shaped areas. Not anymore. Net lights can turn out a professional looking job because of its evenly spaced lights. They are a better alternative to straight lights when there is a very wide area to decorate.

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