Have you received the enclosed message below in your inbox from somebody you know?

Do you have a nice day?I just came back from my holiday
I found a nice website and would like to introduce to you. This website is   www.elebarn.com It can offer you all  kinds of electronic products that you may be in need,such as laptops ,gps ,TV LCD,cell  phones,ps3,MP3/4, and  etc........
Tell you a secret, the price of these products are so low,I did not find so cheap products in our own country.
The contact E-mail: service@elebarn.com
MSN: elebarn@hotmail.com
TEL: 0086+138 3160 1291
Hope you can enjoy yourself in shopping from that company !]

The prices of the electronic goods are so cheap nobody on the planet, including the original manufacturers, can beat it!

I did a little sleuthing about the site and found out in some forums that the same aforementioned enclosed message above was sent through people with hotmail accounts. The message was sent to their contacts without them knowing about it. The spamming that occurred was confirmed by Hotmail. There were people in the forums who ordered from the site but did not receive the items, nor the requested refunds.

I felt relieved last week when the site could no longer be accessed. I thought it had already been taken off the web. But, just today, I checked again and it is back. So, beware, especially those early holiday shoppers scouting for cheap electronic goods!

Cellphone & e-goods accessories 80% off!  Cheap, but no scam!