by Mark Walters

It's coming up to Christmas, vacation time is booked and you want to take your family on a Christmas ski vacation. As with all family vacations, it is imperative that you plan your trip to the last degree. Below is a list of points you must consider.

Location - So where do you want to go? There are a huge number of destinations around the world that are suitable for family ski vacations, from Canada, to Scotland, to Japan; ultimately the decision you make will come down to your personal budget.

Accommodation - As with all decisions you will have to make concerning planning a skiing vacation, your budget will go a long way to determine what accommodation you and your family will reside in when you are not on the slopes. Will you stay in an apartment, a chalet, or a hotel? Do you want self-catering? Bear in mind, if you want action and nightlife, find a place in the center of town, and if you want peace and quiet try and look for a place on the outskirts of town.

Transportation - How are you going to get to that beautiful, slope side bungalow that you have booked? You must decide what arrangements you can make within your budget for transportation to your booked accommodation. Can you fly? Is there a nearby airport? If so, how much will the transfer costs from the airport? Is there a bus service? Of course, you could always drive yourself, but it is a holiday after all! Regarding transportation to the ski slopes; is there public transportation? Does the hotel offer free transport? Is it within walking distance?

Clothing - Wearing the wrong clothing on the piste can be dangerous. If, for example, children are given white clothing to wear, they can easily be difficult to spot, especially with lots of other skiers around. Choosing the right size clothing and also clothing that keeps you warm is imperative. If you don't know what you need, take the advice of the clothing rental shop owners as they do have a lot of experience, even if it may sound like they are trying to get money out of you (you can always go to another shop!). Be aware that it can be expensive hiring decent clothing, but it is certainly worth it.

Equipment - Its all very well having expensive gloves, a fashionable hat and a big jacket, but what are you going to do without skis? There are a few different types of skis depending on your desired use and your abilities. It is good to get advice from experienced skiers or even trainers when choosing the correct equipment for you and your family. Don't forget boots and goggles too!

Although there is a lot to consider when planning a Christmas ski vacation, once all is organized, you can then concentrate on enjoying your vacation with your family. - 39969