by Ethel Decker

One of the greatest ways to get a good elliptical workout is by conducting rowing machine exercise. In essence, an elliptical workout is one that highly aerobic and is very grueling on your cardiovascular system. It pays to be careful and not push yourself too much; this will only cause you damage and may put a stop on you exercising altogether.

Doing rowing machine exercise is fun and exhilarating, but you need to ensure that you are warmed up correctly before you start. You should also follow all instructions that come with the machine to the letter, to prevent injury occurring. If you suffer from circulation problems or back pain, you should consult your physician before staring any exercise that involves a rowing machine.

In order to perform the perfect rowing machine exercise workout, you need to remember the following tips. Firstly, do not lean back too far as this can cause injury to your back. Make sure that your body moves forward enough so that you can execute the movements correctly.

Keep your head up whilst you are rowing. By dropping your chin, you are making it harder for you to breathe. Also, when breathing, remember to exhale when you are pulling the handle and inhale when you are returning back to the first position.

This may all seem like hard work and is a punishing elliptical workout, but the rewards are worth the effort you put in. The advantage of this form of exercise is that the rowing action targets all areas of your body, whereas other aerobic equipment doesn't. All of your muscle groups will benefit from using the rowing machine; your back, torso, legs and arms. Rowing also minimizes the stress on your joints and helps to prevent injuries in these areas.

Purchasing a rowing machine for use in your home is a sensible idea if you plan to exercise this way regularly. The amount you will pay for a machine can vary between $99 and $2,500. Providers who sell these items on the internet may give you a package deal and can offer many favorite and top name brands. You may also qualify for free delivery and shipping. If you are uncertain about which model to choose, you can read reviews and feedback from people who have bought the machines. They can usually be found on the retailer's website or on fitness forums. This should be able to help you choose the best model for you.

If you have a specific model in mind, you would benefit from testing it out before you buy. A trip to a gym or fitness club will allow you to try out the machine. You will be able to pick up tips on how to use that model correctly and it will help to cement the idea that that particular machine is the best option for you.

Rowing machine exercise is very intense and must be done properly to ensure that it is effective and that you do not sustain a horrible injury. If there is an instruction manual or tutorial DVD included with your purchase, remember to look through all of this information before you start to use the equipment. - 39969

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