by Arthur Askew

Are you tired of sending and receiving the boring old Christmas card every year? Do you still think that you have no choice, because you have to send out the cards and you might as well send the same old cards? You can change it all this year. You can personalize your cards as you wish. You can choose any size; it can be the size of a gift card, a post card, a greeting card or a calendar. And you can get the cards for free if you have your own printer or else you can get them printed by paying some cash.

Of course, some printers may not have this package, but there are many who offer these and more. Discuss with them the price of how much it would take to have the set printed out. They should have the information ready for you. Once you settle on your budget, you can now ask them to personalize it. If you want a family photo on the cards then you can just give them a photo which they can scan and incorporate, or you can send them an electronic photo for them to use. They would be able to incorporate the image on to your cards in whatever size that you wish them to print.

Next is the greetings, if you have a verse or poem in mind, you can give it them so that they can print it out on your card. They even have templates which you can choose from. You can decide the amount of words you want on it. Gift cards can be given along with the gifts. Post cards can be sent to those who are in other countries.

You can send the cards to anyone you like. You can send the post card sized ones to those who are overseas and the calendars you can give out to your neighbours. It is your choice, you can send any card to anyone you desire. All you need is to show them that you thought of them during the holiday season. You can even print cards for the following years as well.

If you add a family photo to your card you shouldn't get cards printed for the following years, because it will not look good. But it is going to make a lot of people happy to see your family on the card along with the holiday greetings. Go on, celebrate this Christmas with a difference.

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