by Mark Walters

Christmas is right around the corner and once again it's time to start thinking about all the people on your Christmas list. This can be a very exciting and enjoyable season-a chance to give just the right gift to those you love-but if you have a man on your Christmas list this year, finding the right gift can pose quite a challenge. To help you out this year, here we have provided a short list of gift ideas that are perfect for every man on your list.

Does he like to shop for clothes? Probably not, right? And that's exactly why it's so important that you do it for him. Clothing always makes a great Christmas gift for men and gives you a chance to purchase something nice for him to wear-something that he wouldn't ordinarily buy himself. Items such as jeans, shoes or even a nice designer shirt are practical gift ideas that will help bring a smile to his face (and yours) on Christmas morning.

If the man in question is the outdoor type, someone who loves to hunt, fish or even camp, there are a number of sure-fire gift ideas he will absolutely love. Perhaps you could get him a one-year subscription to his favorite hunting or fishing magazine, or even better, purchase the required hunting or fishing license for your state to save him the trouble and inconvenience of doing it himself. Thermal socks, underwear, fishing tackle and camping supplies are also perfect for the weekend and summer outdoorsman in the family.

To say that men love electronic equipment would be a world-class understatement. The truth is that if it plugs in or has batteries he'll probably love it. Depending upon your budget this year you could choose from higher priced items such as televisions, stereos and mobile phones, or those electronic gifts which are a bit more reasonable such as iPods, music and video games. Chances are, if it's in the electronic section the man in your life will love it, regardless of what you buy.

It may sound cliche, but finding the perfect gift for the man in your life does not have to include a huge price tag. Maybe you could make a homemade video telling him how much he means to you, or plan a romantic weekend where the two of you can get away for awhile. Giving the perfect gift is really not about the gift, but about the person behind it. - 39969

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