by Lyndon Perkins

Everyone, besides Scrooge, loves Christmas and with decorated trees and carols (and crowded malls) comes Christmas parties. When you are doing them for kids about all you have to do is say the words "Christmas party" and they faint. With adults it is not quite as easy but everyone is in a good mood and at least willing to try to have fun. If you have some great Christmas party games for adults you can be sure it is a hit. Even if everybody does not know each other at the start of the party they will all be friends at the end.

The first game is called the Christmas Kiss. Don't worry if these are among company Christmas party ideas, nobody will sue. Divide the guest into to teams and put then in a line. At go, the first person from each team, wearing mittens, rushes to the candy bowl and retrieves a Hershey kiss. They must then unwrap it, carry it back to the team and drop it into the next person's mouth. They then give them the mittens and it starts over.

A second game that is very popular and enjoyed by participants is a slightly modified version of the Hershey kiss game. After you form two teams, instead of retrieving a piece of candy from a bowl, have the participants retrieve a present. The participants must remove the gift wrapping while wearing the mittens. This can often lead to some hilarious times.

Now that the ice has been broken it is time to get the whole team working together. It is time for Christmas carol charades. On a deck of index cards write the name of Christmas carols. A player will read the card then try to act out the carol for his team mates. When the team thinks they know it they must sing the carol to see if they are correct.

These are but a few of the many Christmas games available to be played at your next Christmas party. Of course there are many many more that can be implemented. While some of these games are adapted from more mainstream games, most have a decidedly uniqueChristmas feel. The most important thing is to have fun. - 39969

About the Author:
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