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The thought of buying clothes for your wife or girlfriend this Christmas may fill you with horror, but with so many women loving clothes and fashion this really is a great choice of present for the woman in your life. How to get it right though? Well, your wife or girlfriend will certainly leave a few clues about the kind of things she loves to wear so, with a bit of thought and some planning, finding a fashionable gift thisChristmas should not be as hard as it may at first seem. Clothing may not seem like the obvious choice compared to perfume but if you get it right she will certainly appreciate the thought and effort you have put into finding something that suits her tastes and personality.

The number one rule when it comes to buying clothes for your wife or girlfriend is to carefully observe the type of clothes she generally wears. If you choose something that you like that is a far choice from something she would buy for herself you could end up in trouble. No one wants to feel like someone is trying to 'change' him or her into somebody else. Does she love skinny jeans? Are coats or jackets her thing? Does she have a collection of little black dresses? It may be safer to stick to something she wears a lot but perhaps you could choose a more luxurious brand than she would usually choose for herself!

It's important to try to find out her size as buying her anything way too small or way too large could cause offence. Try sneaking a peek at the labels in her clothes but be aware that some women take different sizes in their skirts and trouser than they do for their top half. Remember to hold on to the receipts so that your wife or girlfriend can exchange the item if it does not fit her.

Avoid lingerie or overtly sexy items unless you are 100% sure your wife or girlfriend will find them fun. Some women may feel that you are indicating that you are not happy with her as she is if you choose sexy clothing or lingerie.

Consider color with care as well for example if she is a redhead avoid oranges, reds and pinks. Browns and tans don't always suit brunettes either so it's important to consider her skin tone. Darker skins and those who opt for the tanned look can generally take stronger colors. Lots of women love black and this can be a safe bet but make sure your wife or girlfriend is one of the women who likes this color.

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