by Barry Mosley

Getting ready for Christmas has never been a chore for me. I am chomping at the bit to get my yard lit up, my house decorated, and my kids singing carols as soon as we finish the last bites of the Thanksgiving pie. It is such a treat for me to be able to begin my celebrations because Christmas really is the most magical time of the whole year.

It seems really sad to me that there are so many people out there who feel that Christmas is a reason to be stressed and unhappy. Christmastime should make memories that last a lifetimes based on the love you have for your family and the joy you get from sharing that love with one another. Stress and unhappiness have no place in a holiday like this, but I can understand to a certain degree the reasons people might feel this way. Christmas is a lot of work, to be sure. Perhaps a few tips are in order if you are one of these folks who have trouble finding happiness in Christmas.

Your home is a physical representation of your inner self. Psychologists have always said that dreams that feature the exploration of a house actually are about a journey through your inner self. As such, you should treat your house like you would your mind. If your house isn't tuned to the Christmas season, you won't be either. Try something simple at first like getting the tree up early and putting up some lights. It doesn't take much work to make Christmas special.

Time after time when people comment on how cheerful I am during the Christmas holidays, I get the same comment: "Well, you must not have to deal with your family." What is that supposed to mean, anyway? Of course I deal with family during Christmas! Everyone does! Letting the stress of family relationship problems bring you down to the point where you don't enjoy yourself is ridiculous. Work out your problems before it gets too late. Your family wants to be happy as much as you do, so you may find the task easier than you think.

Once you have worked on making your house more attuned to the Christmas spirit and you have dealt with any family-related woes, it is time to turn the attention to yourself. Not only must you work on bringing the festive spirit out from within you, but you must dress the part as well. If you're thinking about those hideous sweaters your aunt bought you every year when you are a kid, then you are certainly mistaken. Even if you have a crass sense of humor, there are Christmas t-shirts out there for you. Once you complete this short check-list, you will find Christmas to be one of the greatest times of year. - 39969

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