by Susan Z Stritzlol

No other time of the year brings loved ones together like Christmas time. There is magic afoot while waiting with anticipation for Santa Clause to slide down the chimney bringing presents for all, while sipping on a nice cup of hot cocoa and reminiscing Christmas past. Since it is Christmas there will be stockings and a wreath of course.

Over the mantel is a very good place to hang a Christmas wreath, and when you use a wrought iron Christmas mantel hook, it adds an old world charm to your rooms dcor. Wrought iron is sturdy enough to hold a wreath or even a giant Christmas stocking, and do not need a fastener to attach it to the mantel.

Wreaths have celebrated a long history, while at Christmas time you can find wreaths decorating many doorways. Generally, Christmaswreaths are made of evergreen, as this is a symbol of life and strength, since the evergreen with stands even the harshest winter. ManyChristmas wreaths feature sprays of pine cones and holly and sometimes even fake snow. Perhaps you would even like to display more than one Christmas wreath in your entryways.

A wrought iron Christmas wreath hanger is one of the most elegant and decorative ways to hang your Christmas wreath. It adds a unique and graceful touch to any scenario. The durability of a wrought iron Christmas wreath hanger, means that it is weather resistant, making replacement unnecessary for many years.

You can find wrought iron Christmas wreath hangers in many popular styles, and the hooks will fit over most doors. They are usually finished in a powdered black paint. Some styles that you will find include a star, a Christmas tree, and snowflakes.

Long ago, the fireplace served as hearth and heat, however today you can define your fireplace with an elegant, classic beauty by adding the simple touches of wrought iron Christmas mantel hooks holding your stockings while a wrought iron Christmas wreath hanger proudly displays your Christmas wreath.

It is important to know that the fireplace has become a defining feature in a room. While many years ago the purpose of the fireplace was to produce heat, now it is a point of elegance in your home, and at this time of year, it is also a point of gathering. Adding simple touches such as the wrought iron Christmas mantel hooks can give your fireplace and your Christmas some classic simplistic beauty.

You can bring a rustic charm and elegance into this season of celebration by picking your favorite wrought iron Christmas mantel hooks and wrought iron Christmas wreath hangers. Simple beauty and rustic elegance are two warm atmospheres that no homeowner should dismiss.

You might also want to consider some wrought iron candle holders to accent your Christmas tree and other Christmas decorations. Just think of the smiles and twinkling eyes of the children as they spot their stockings all in a row brimming with Christmas cheer.

About the Author:

Susan Z Stritzlol writes about mantle hooks and consults on interior design during the Christmas season with wreaths hangers.