by Angelique Walters

Holiday lights set you in the mood for the holiday season. Hanging them in your own home is one fun way to express your holiday spirit. It is a great way to show your character, style, and practical can do expertise while crafting the mood you want others to see.

Good lighting projects do not just happen by chance. It needs good imagination and planning. It might look good in your mind but a 5000 light theme park with every conceivable version of Sta. Claus in the book, might not be appealing to your nearby neighbors. They have the right to complain because they are the ones that would have to tolerate your creation until you set them down. There has been too many lighting foul ups, and only careful preparations can prevent yours from being another one.

Careful preparation and planning gives perfect results. Going to the attic to toss last years leftover lights every which way you can wont to the trick. You can not just plug everything and hope for the best. Holiday lighting is an art form that could not be done without careful planning. Holiday critics, especially those who never put up one themselves, are a cruel lot. You will not appreciate your home being called the why bother house after all your efforts.

Know the amount and type of materials necessary to make your project. Doing this will be much easier when you evaluate the area to be decorated. This will give you a clearer picture and protect you from being overwhelmed and confused.

Determine the type and amount of materials you need to finish the project and compare it with your stocks at hand to determine what you still need to purchase.

Look around the house to see where you are going to plug your creation. If you do not have an outdoor outlet, you can buy a 3-outlet ground stake with built in timer to save on electricity cost. Use an extension cord with more neutral colors that will not show or become too obvious when you use them. Using battery-powered lights can help eliminate or at least reduce this problem.

Thumbtacks and nails are fine when hanging your lights in place but an all-purpose holder is a lot easier to use. Wires easily attach to the hooks effectively covering the holder behind.

Using an all purpose light holder instead of thumb tacks to attach your lights will make your job a lot easier. It securely holds the lights easily on the hooks and disappears behind the wires for a cleaner looking result. Be sure to attach the lights on firm surface and avoid damaging the wires by piercing them. Using these tips can have your lighting project functioning in no time. - 39969

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