by Michelle W. Taylor

If you're someone who looks for Constipation Remedies and Constipation Treatments, you should realize that the reasons many people get to suffer form it, is because they are not eating foods which are rich in fiber, but foods rich in fat. So if you want to make sure that you will not deal with constipation anymore, you should try and eat more fiber based foods. There are a lot of experts out there who are recommending us to eat a banana per day, for it will help us a lot with our stools and make our constipation problem go away. You will be able to have anything that contains bananas, maybe a cake or some banana shakes, it's your choice.

Rice, sugars, pastries, refined white flour are just perfect as the best foods you will need to consider in order to get constipated, which you don't really want, for they are stripped of their fiber which is an essential mineral for a healthy stool. Refraining yourself from eating cheese, pizzas, ice cream & milk which are very rich in animal fat, you will certainly be light years away from getting to have problems with your stools. You might say that there are many experts how are recommending you to consume them on a daily basis and you are right, but you should not abuse them. If you will need to eat them in great quantities, then make sure to have also some fiber based food in corporate in your diet and even some laxatives. People generally have a certain tolerance regarding the foods they will eat and make them constipated, but this parameter differs from person to person.

Also, we are living in a facts paced society and we are many times forced tor resort to overly processed foods, which are not good. The processed foods usually don't contain the minerals that our body needs in order to provide a healthy stool. And this is a very good reason to why there are so many people in the world who are getting constipated. Your best bet should be eating homemade foods or food that is rich in fiber.

Constipation is not only caused by foods. Supplements like calcium, because muscle contraction can only happen if they can fork out calcium from the cells. If the calcium level is higher outside the cell, then extracting calcium from the cell will be no longer essential, thus, making the intestinal muscles weaker. Other medicinal intakes are harmful if abused like the laxatives. Laxatives are stool softeners or lubricants that ease the passage of stool from the body, this is often prescribed to patients who are having serious cases of constipation. The usage of such medicine saves the intestines from doing the work of softening the muscle. As we all know, if we do not use our muscles, it will eventually wore out. So, abusing laxatives, makes our intestinal muscles "lazy" and laxative abusers will eventually have to depend on laxatives to help their bowel movement.

So what are those foods that we should eat in order to prevent getting constipated? You should know that eating a lot of fruits and vegetables every day, you will get to be on the safe side and not feel constipated any longer. Some good sources in regards to fibers are beans, lentils, peas, whole grains and so on. Also, if you will delve into having a breakfast that is full of cereals, you will soon see just how good you will feel and you will never have to worry about getting constipated anymore. Some other wheat sources that you might want to consider are brown rice, breads and whole grain pastas.

Do not rely on processed foods from fiber sources as processing often removes fiber content in the product. Flatulence is a common side effect of incorporating high-fiber in the diet. The flatulence is caused by the bacteria that naturally occur in the gastrointestinal tract when they synthesize fiber, increased gas (or flatulence) is the byproduct of the bacterial digestion of fiber. One thing to remember, increasing fiber content in diet requires more water to be taken in too. The more we introduce fiber to the digestive tract, the more water is attached to the stool to make it looser. Ignoring increased water content on high-fiber diets may cause dehydration. - 39969

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