by Dr Kevin Johnston

For many of us Christmas is a time of year for sharing time with our loved ones. It is an especially special time for our children who believe in the magic of the season and those traditions that create lasting childhood memories. For them, the excitement of Christmas starts long before Christmas Day and they love nothing better than being involved in the festive preparations. Baking cookies is one tradition that has stood the test of time and has been passed down from mother to child for generations.

Being involved in Christmas preparations always evokes warm abiding memories warmth and closeness. Baking Christmas treats such as cookie and candy is a wonderful ritual that can be shared with your kids and brings so much pleasure and is a wonderful tradition to share if you plan it properly in advance.

Try to start the day in a fine mind set, that means each one ought to have got a good sleep. It is also not a good thing to allow the kids pluck at the ingredients you are about to use to make the cookies or candy. So, begin the day with a sustaining lunch or breakfast prior to beginning your Christmas cookie preparation. A spoilt tummy can spoil the reminiscence of the occasion for everyone, so watch what you consume few days before Christmas.

Everyone will be interested to be part of the preparation and cooking exercise. Allow the children the liberty to check out the kitchen appliances for the first time and enjoy by playing with the ingredients and doing their own individual cookies.

Now that you have almost idea on what ought to be there in the cookie exchange party, you need to not forget to generate a big container to take home every variety of cookie brought by your party mates.

You will enjoy the occasion even more if you are not stressing over spills. The kitchen can always be got back to its earlier state, Rejoicing this occasion is definitely more important.

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