by Tommy Thatcher

What's "hot" and what's "not" seems to fluctuate every year Halloween-time rolls around. Parties get planned and people get excited about their costume ideas. The most popular costume ideas seem to be the ones that combine personal style, comfort, and ease of preparation. So every year that Halloween comes in and the drinks start flowing, there have always been a select few costumes that have always been popular.

1. The ladies sure do love pussy-footing around on Halloween while wearing this slinky costume. The cute cat ears, the sexy tail, and a catty attitude are all it takes to pull this outfit off.

2. Naughty nurses have a way of putting many young men in cardiac arrest each year. Perhaps it's those silky stockings that sends folks over the edge, or perhaps it's the reassurance that someone will have the credentials to handle any medical emergencies at the party.

3. Weirdly enough, the angel has been a high-ranking costume amongst the ladies during Halloween. Why an icon of religious purity has been turned into a sexy costume on a holiday based around ghouls and booze is a mystery that may never be answered.

4. Surprisingly to some, but not as many as most would think, the Halloween t-shirt has been replacing traditional costumes more and more each year. People respond to the comfort and relaxation these funny Halloween t-shirts offer. When spending time amongst adults and drinks, not many people stay in their costumes for long anyway.

5. The sinister witch has risen to massive popular levels over the last few years, but the sinister has quickly been replaced by the sexy. No more crooked noses and blackened teeth for these seductive spellcasters.

you may be in disagreement with me concerning the Halloween t-shirt, and that's just fine. When you hold a Halloween party and see all of the women dressed in sexy costumes and all the men dressed down in Halloween t-shirts and jeans then you'll be calling me a prophet. However you feel about these Halloween t-shirts, rest assured that you can still have a Happy Halloween with the right amount of alcohol. - 39969

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