by Jeniffer Beckersen

Accordion-style tri fold christmas cards feature more surfaces for more photos, graphics, and text. That gives you more space to create more memories. Your words and images can be seen from more angles and tri fold Christmas cards stand up better than ordinary fold-out cards.

You get additional artistic opportunities for display. You'll also find it easier to select photos for your holiday card when you don't have to narrow it down to just one.

The Vintage Scrapbook card offers all those values. Traditional-looking fonts have been modernized while retaining their old-fashioned feel. The result is a timeless design. Best of all, the tri fold design lets you feature multiple photos of you and your loved ones. For the outside, you might want to choose that hilarious candid shot of your little one. On the inside you can still feature the whole family around the tree.

Want a more contemporary look? The Simple Sparkle design is just right. This cheerful design features up-to-date graphics that resemble colorful graffiti scattered around the exterior photo. Open the accordion and that same delightful look continues on the interior around the photo inside. Say "Happy Holidays" in a new way with this cheerful tri fold Christmas photo card.

Sometimes text and graphics tell it all. The Talking Timeline design in stormy blue is the perfect way to tell your story in words. Resembling a favorite comic strip, you can relate some of the comic adventures of your family from the past year. The time line along the bottom helps you lay everything out in chronological order. Just don't forget the happy ending!

Even if you've never done crafts you can enjoy the Crafter's Charm tri fold holiday photo card. This accordion style holiday missive lets you feature three separate photos, accented by a delightful and unobtrusive graphic along the bottom. Upload your favorite photo of your little one for the outside. Then choose a couple of fun shots of the dog, the family... whatever you want for the inside.

Let the New Memories holiday greeting card serve as the first memory of the new year as you look back fondly on some from the past. Put a special photo from the last year on the outside, then create a new memory for friends and family with that candid shot of the little one you just took today.

Let personalized tri fold holiday cards express your thoughts in words and images. Create memories to last a lifetime during this special season. - 39969

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