by Leo Demasi

If you are the one who is always assigned to do the Christmas decorations, preparing for another Christmas is fine; but soon, you may eventually run out of new ideas. Of course, despite this, there is no reason why you should just let your home go through the season without any decoration. People expect homes to be lit up by Christmas lights and to be adorned by the different symbols of the season, such as Christmas trees, garlands and wreaths. Therefore, you may have to sit down first and take note of the fundamental factors to consider in terms of Christmas decorations.

The very first dilemma that you may encounter is choosing between a real Christmas tree and a fake one. When it comes to decoration possibilities though, artificial Christmas trees definitely have the advantage. Because these are made of plastic, these are often durable enough to carry so many decorations without having its needles and branches affected. With the real ones, you may have to limit the trimmings that you hang on the branches and needles; otherwise, these may fall off and produce a lot of mess on your floor.

It is customary for artificial Christmas trees to be lighted while on display. You should buy a pre-lit type so that this would not be a problem. You avoid the trouble of putting lights because they are already built in the trees themselves. If you want the bare-type instead, you need to shop for separate lights aside from the Christmas balls and other garlands. Of course, you cannot find real trees with already built-in lights in it.

Never forget to consider the size and color of the Christmas tree when you are about to pick the decorations for it. You should also consider the fact that bigger trees also need more decorations. It is also necessary that you choose bigger-sized decorations if your tree is tall or occupies a larger floor area. With regards to color, just stick to the more natural-looking ones. A dark green tree would make the decors more easily noticed by anyone looking at the tree.

If you notice, artificial Christmas trees or all Christmas trees usually have the garlands and shiny balls hanging on them. This is because the garlands are the ones that provide a consistency in the tree's decoration. These also serve as space fillers, one that takes enough area on the tree and leave the rest for the smaller decors to occupy. As you chose garlands and balls though, make sure that these have some similarities for it to resemble a certain theme or motif.

Artificial Christmas trees should not be the only signs of the Christmas celebration. It is necessary that other Christmas decors are also placed around the house to accentuate or to complement the tree. One great idea is to hang wreaths which have similar colors with yourChristmas tree. You can also add more decors such as hanging garlands on windows and on railings, also having the same color as the other decors within your abode.

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