by Ethan Kalvin

It is amazing how such a wonderful time of year can indeed be stressful. Health is something that at least in the United States goes dormant during the month of December and people throw their diets and their techniques of stress management through the window in exchange for eating everything that is put in front of them and working long hours in preparation for the holidays. It is a difficult time of year for those who want to do everything and one of the main reasons for this state of mind is the fact that we are running around last minute trying to do everything.

But there are some people who take a healthy attitude toward the holidays, and while they have their occasional Christmas cookies, a glass of champagne or a glass of eggnog, they do so in moderation, not in excess as many others are. Some even take the initiative to start their Christmas shopping early and this helps reduce their stress and keep holiday in a way of thinking better.

Ignoring your health during the holiday season is not a good idea, so be sure to plan time for fun and your health. Make sure you exercise and pack snack baggies full of fruits and vegetables to help you get through those marathon shopping sessions. Also be sure to set aside some time to get down your thoughts. At times during the holidays people spend so much time running that they are actually just spinning their wheels, and taking time to think can actually help you be more organized and less stressed.

Start your shopping early and wrap as you go as this will help again to alleviate some stress and be sure to get all of your doctors appointments out of the way before the holidays kick in fully. This will ensure that you have all your health issues in a row and will help to free up the month of December for all those holiday tasks.

It is important to keep your health a top priority, even during the holiday season. Making sure you do those things that give you peace of mind and keep you healthy will help you keep your thoughts in order and you will also get more accomplished. It is important to stick to your healthy habits during the holidays since it will be better for you in the long term.

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