by Donna West

Throwing holiday parties can be more than a little stressful, yet if it is a Christmas family party that will also include the in-laws, then that stress level can soar. However, there are some things that you can keep in mind when you are planning the festive party that should help you to keep your stress level down to a manageable level.

When considering how to plan a Christmas party that will include a large number of many family members, you should start with what you know. For example, if your dad does not get along with your father-in-law at all, then do as much as you can to keep them separated, especially at the table if you will be having a sit down dinner.

With Christmas family holiday parties it can be a little tricky when it comes to serving alcohol, as it may prompt someone to mention things better left unsaid. In order to avoid this consider serving something like an eggnog or setting up a fancy coffee bar; complete with different flavored creams and a few liqueurs. This adds to the festiveness of a party but will limit the intake of alcohol, which may help to avoid any unnecessary unpleasantness.

Holiday party ideas of this type also need special planning when it comes to the menu, as some people have very strong likes and dislikes. However, that can also be a plus when it is a party that involves family. You already know up front what most of the people do and do no like and if you cannot work around that, or if you are worried that both mom and mom-in-law are going to be offended that you did not use their great stuffing recipe, then just come up with an entirely new and different menu. Just make it completely different than anything that has been served before, other than the basics of course. In this way no one can be upset that you did not include this or that with your dinner.

Holiday parties can also be a little difficult when you have to come up with a gift for Christmas party attendees that includes family. Sometimes people may feel that someone else got a better present, etc. There are a few ways around this, as you can just pass out gifts for the children and let them open them and give small, similar presents for all of the adults to take home and open, perhaps something that you have made yourself, or perhaps a goodie plate with cookies and candy or similar type items. - 39969

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