by Billy Edward

It is a tough job for the liver to keep the cleaning function of the body always in smooth operation especially with the present-day unhealthy eating and drinking habits of people. And, like any other machines, it encounters malfunctioning that needs immediate troubleshooting. But unlike other machines that need only oiling to run again, the liver has to be looked upon very carefully or the whole system will suffer if it does not function extremely nicely.

In youth, you may not notice the effects of malfunctioning liver. But when you reach middle and advanced age, you will discover that a lot of sicknesses are being caused by a malfunctioning liver. The symptoms of a damaged liver are: dull aching discomfort in the right aspect from the stomach region - frequently beneath the shoulder blade, terrible discomfort at the nape, rough tongue, unpleasant taste in the mouth in the morning and also the appearance of yellowish color in the whites of the eyes. Other than those, a person with a troubled liver would also often really feel loss of appetite, dizziness and drowsiness after meals.

With these indications of ailments, the individual is frequently irritated and weak which could affect his entire outlook in life. And this could lead to quick deterioration of the body. Growing old would then turn out to be a burden.

But you can do something to prevent that misfortune from happening to you. Aging doesn't have to bring about all sorts of diseases. It is not a reason that simply because you are getting old, you're expected to feel all kinds of sickness. There are occasions when you regret why you never heeded the advice to you before and why you never paid enough attention to your health when you were younger. Rather than dwelling on those regrets, why don't you try doing something to alleviate that condition? No matter at what age you will decide to do so, it's never too late. Sanford Bennett, a phenomenal celebrity for bodily rejuvenation thru natural techniques, has proven so.

In his campaign for total well being rejuvenation, Sanford Bennett devised a program of physical exercise for the liver to keep it in a fine condition. The liver, becoming a gland, would respond well when exercised. & an exercise involving tension from the abdominal muscles will benefit the liver along with some massaging strategies. But of course, before doing the exercise, one must be familiar with the position and the structure of his own liver.

* First Exercise

You will find three exercises Sanford Bennett described for that liver. Really feel the location of one's liver with the fingers of both hands as you lie in your back. Press the fingers upward past the ribs. The liver can be easily moved & tensed because the stomach muscle tissues are in relaxed state. Create pressing movements under & upwards. Do this twenty times & increasing every day until you reach 100 or till your condition permits.

This tensing physical exercise is comparable to the effect you get whenever you ride a horse. This is an exercise often prescribed by physicians when the liver isn't in good situation.

* Second Exercise

Lie in your correct aspect & place your left hand over the area of your liver. Position your self with the head slightly inclined forward & using the knees bent. This will relax the abdominal muscle tissues & location the liver ahead. Together with your knuckle of the thumb or the pad of a finger, press well under the ribs and massage the liver.

* Third Exercise (Percussion)

Light thumping of the liver will also assist within the healthy activity of the liver. Lie in your left side which inclines the liver ahead and also the muscles relaxed. Together with your right fist, strike lightly but rapidly on the region. Start with twenty strikes and increase every day up to how many your condition permits.

When the liver is properly taken cared of, the whole body system is guaranteed to be in a great condition. & whenever you pay equal consideration to all of the parts of one's physique, there is no need to worry about your health failing. Take care of one's body. - 39969

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