by Anna Martin

Family time is the best time they say. With the world getting more and more professional, you often do not find enough quality time to spend with your family. Holidays are the only time you can devote to them so make sure you extract the best out of that time so that your family can cherish the memories of it forever. The best way to capture the memories of your family holiday is to get a family portrait done. Here are some great ideas for your family portrait. 

You can choose the background you want for your family portrait. Choose the traditional studio backdrop or plan an outing with your family. Hire a good photographer to spend time with you so that he can capture all the special moments in your natural poses. This would give you ample photographs to make your family album lively and interesting. 

Another good option would be your home. Get your family's pictures taken in different locations around your house- in your drawing room, in your kids' rooms, in the garden or in front of the house. This would give your family portrait a nice homely and familiar look. 

You can opt for homemade frames with coloured papers and cardboards to mount your photos. This would save you the cost of framing the pictures.

To make it fun filled, you can make simple props for each member of the family. Make hats for your kids with their pet names written. If you have a painter in the house, get him to draw funny caricatures of each member. Give everyone his or her own sketch to hold up for the family portrait. Mimic poses from famous paintings or movies. Get the kids of the house to pose as their best cartoon characters. This idea is sure to make people love your photos! 

Make use of the holiday season to the fullest and create beautiful memories to treasure for a lifetime. Sears Portrait Studio helps you do this with great care. Whether you are a first-time or returning visitor, this studio helps you prepare for your portrait session with photographic talents and expert suggestions. - 39969

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