by Jean Farnam

If you are looking for something a bit different to wear this Halloween how about taking a costume you already have and putting a different spin on it? This will make your costume more unusual as well as saving you money!

You could be a ghost fireman, a ghost schoolboy or a ghost cowboy for example. Just as in Pirates of the Carribean you could also wear a pirate costume but with a skeleton motif top under it or full ghost face make up complete with barnacles! You're never going to look as good as Johnny Depp so may as well go to town on it! 

If you're going with a friend or in a couple you can be a wrong-doer and the haunter to match. For example a gangster and a gunshot victim ghost "haunting" him all evening.

And instead of a ghost you could be a zombie...a zombie nurse, a zombie doctor, a zombie cowboy, a zombie fairy or a zombie anything-else-you-like! Make-up and a good wig will transform an existing costume into a Halloween costume quickly and inexpensively.

Another alternative is to dress up in a French Maid's outfit (normally very sexy) but turn it into the evil version. This version includes a black and grey wig, blacked out teeth, white face paint and even stick on warts (definitely not sexy by this stage!) I did this one year for a party we hosted and it was a hoot! I greeted our guests at the door with a drink of "brains" to start the evening off on the right note! 

Instead of a good fairy you could be a wicked fairy with torn wings, torn stockings and a black corset and tutu or frilly skirt with long black boots. There are also dark fairy costumes available and an interesting take on Peter Pan's Tinkerbell, Tinkerspell - with torn stockings, docks, crooked, torn wings and messed up hair.

The good turned bad idea would also work for a priest or monk - start out with a long robe that hides a devil outfit, you could even gradually add elements to your costume. Start as a priest, add a devil tail then add devil horns, then hitch up the costume to reveal pointy black or red shoes then finally remove the robe and reveal the true devil inside!

An easier version of this is to buy a reversible costume. There are some great ones out there which are great value when you think of the use you'll get out of them. 

Another idea is to be a "ghostbuster" - whether male or female - or a priest or spirit medium and go around exorcising everyone's evil spirits!

And of course there's nothing wrong with the witch, devil, ghost or vampire costume. There are some fabulously sexy versions of these costumes available so you can still look your best while fitting in with the Halloween theme. - 39969

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