by Emily Vanzant

Try a Couples Halloween Costume this Halloween. They're a fun way to show off your significant other and they provide the perfect chance to practice your negotiation skills, which may lead to great you-know-what if you initially fail to compromise. With costume options ranging from cute and sexy to downright hilarious, there really is something for every couple.

Seeing people dressed up as food is generally entertaining. The Mustard Bottle Adult Costume can be paired nicely with the Ketchup Adult Costume. You can also mix it up a bit with the Fulla Bologna Adult Costume. If you have a young child, dress him or her in the Hot Dog Bunting Infant Costume. Now you have a family full of edibles!

If you want to be a bit more risqu, The Sugar Bear Pimp Adult Costume and the Pimpette Sexy Adult Costume may be right up your alley. His costume comes with a bright green velour suit and a matching hat, while hers includes a long sequined silver coat with plug trims and dangling pom-poms. The Easy Lace Boots complete her outfit perfectly. They're knee-high and have a distinct Pimpette look.

If you'd rather go with a more traditional Halloween costume-something scary-we've got you covered too. The vampire/vampires combo is a favorite. The Vampire Adult Costume comes with a jacket, cape, shirt and several other accessories to complete the look. Ladies can embrace their inner seductress with the Vampiress Adult Costume. It includes a blood red dress with black lace overlay. Other options include the Handsome Devil Adult Costume and the Devils Temptress Adult Costume. Both costumes are classy and very detailed. They all come it multiple sizes to ensure the perfect fit.

Cartoon characters also make great Couples Halloween Costumes, especially when it comes to the Flinstones. If you want to pretend to be little kids for one night, try the Pebbles Flintstone Adult Costume and the Flintstones Bamm Bamm Adult Costume. It is also possible to be Wilma and Fred and Betty or Barney. If you want to throw people for a loop, get together with another couple and be mix-matched couples. You're guaranteed to get at least a few laughs. - 39969

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