by Anne Wang

Listed here are two flat belly rules to obtain the flat belly you deserve, both of which are natural and do not require any medications or other unsafe or expensive treatments. These methods have been employed by Asian Women for years, and I can confirm just how effectively they do the job from my own experience!

Flat Tummy Rules - Get A Flat Belly

1. Raw food is one of the best ways to reduce stomach fat quickly, it's among the key reasons why Asian Women tend to have lean waists without killing themselves performing exercises.

Among the best raw foods I have found which have a strong effect in reducing stomach fat are centered around high-fiber low-calorie fruit and veggies:

- Avocado

- Cabbage

- Carrots

- Cauliflower

- Pear

- Tomato

- Watercress

In my opinion all these foods has a tendency to attack fatty build up around the stomach, and fairly quickly. Add them to your diet plan by any means possible, as long as they are RAW. This is the secret which Asian Women enforce as a law, whichever food on the list you are eating must be raw.

It works because the body must work harder to break up and digest raw food, and in doing so it works a great deal of muscles throughout the stomach...without you undertaking a single sit-up. This activity also burns calories by way of the greater effort, which leads to a more beneficial fat-burning diet!

The advantage of raw foods, particularly the raw foods on this checklist, can go a great way in the direction of obtaining the body back that you deserve. Try it for yourself!

2. I've used a nice drink recipe each time I want to get a flat belly that I discovered years ago from my Chinese Grandmother (and she almost certainly learned it from HER Grandmother! haha):

Put about eight cups of water into a container along with:

- 1 x teaspoon, grated ginger

- 1 x cucumber, peeled and sliced thinly

- 1 x lemon, thinly sliced

- 10 x small spearmint leaves

Mix together all the elements and let it stand in fridge overnight. Drink it all over the course of the very next day.

It's surprising I know, but Asian Women are skinny for lots of reasons and this is one of them. Apply it and see if it really works. - 39969

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