by Dana Burnett

Every year the Christmas season would seem to start out sooner and the 2010 season is no different. Make this year different from years past by coming up with some Christmas decor ideas that are new for the 2010 Christmas season!

Nutcrackers: This traditional favorite can move to the center of your decorating plans thanks to the wide variety on the market today. Set up a group on your hearth or mantel for a fun alternative to the common fireplace displays. Another alternative is to group them on tables for a splash of Christmas color. The great thing about Christmas nutcrackers is that they come in a number of shapes, making it simple to decorate as little or as much as you want.

Snow Globes: A beautiful snow globe always draws attention and a Christmas themed snow globe will steal the show. These collectible globes are great on shelves, tables, and even as a centerpiece for the dinning room table. Because of their shape, glass snow globes reflect the flickering of holiday candles and add even more sparkle to your Christmas decorating.

Musical Christmas Decor: Nothing sets the mood for the holiday season like music. The music of the Christmas season is as much a part of the festivity as Christmas trees and nativity scenes. Add your own notes to Christmas with musical figurines or ornaments. In fact, musical ornaments for the tree are one of the most popular Christmas decor ideas of this year.

Christmas Candle holders: Glowing candlelight is beautiful anytime of year, but even more so suring the holiday season the flickering glow compliments the twinkling lights and ornaments of the Christmas trees. To give your candles a Christmas touch, use some cheap holiday candle holders in fun Santa or snowman designs.

Now that you have some Christmas decor ideas for this year, why don't you get an early start on your holiday decorating? 

About the Author:

Dana Michelle Burnett the author of Home Decorating for the Real World. Her site features fun seasonal items and great Christmas decor ideas to transform your home into the winter wonderland of your dreams.