by Ellie Evergreen

Christmas is one of those holidays that excite people of all age and gender equally. You can notice smiles on everyone's faces as you stroll in the streets full of decorative coloured lights, artificial or natural snow and shiny windows of the shops. It is nearly impossible not to notice that Christmas is approaching already two months before New Year. Every year people from all over the world are finding joy in preparing for the big holiday. This is the time when whole family gathers together and spend time on delightful activities like decorating Christmas tree, baking cookies and as for the kids - writing letters to Santa.

Most exciting part of the Christmas Eve is the opening of the presents, especially for the little ones of the family. They cannot wait till they get to see what Santa has prepared for good kids. If you really want to make your child as happy as it is possible, stop making guesses about their wishes and let them write letters to Santa Claus. Parents can take part in this process as well, believe me you will have lots of fun. Teach your son or daughter how to write it. Start your letter with a greeting and introducing yourselves and then ask for the presents and thank him in advance. Explain to your children that they should not ask for too many things as Santa has to think about others too. This will be a great lesson for young ones and entertainment for both of you. Your Christmas mood will be greatly elevated. Make sure that your kids get letters from Santa as well. If you are keeping the letter, then there is no chance that postal workers or other volunteers will answer back so that is your responsibility. Do not leave him/her without response.

So, where did this tradition of sending letters to Santa come from? And who is to be credited for the idea that at the end of each year every child has to overlook his/her behaviour in the past year and prove that he/she has been good boy or girl and deserves a gift? Parents were, of course, the creator of this tradition. It was a very simple way to stop troubling themselves over the wishes of their children, and quite clever, don't you agree?! However, the details vary in the different parts of the world. British have very interesting tradition of burning these letters in the chimney. It is believed that they will be sent to the North Pole by a magical way. The general concept stays the same throughput the world. For example, in Mexico and nearby countries, children wrap their letters to helium balloons and release them into air. This is a spectacular sight.

It is really funny that the letters of girls differ a lot from that of boys. Usually girls' letter are more considerate and they ask mostly for non-material things. Their letters are longer and more polite than boys' ones. They prefer writing shortly and directly main part of the message.

I bet all of these facts brought back the childhood memories to every one of you. And you may have had a cynical thought about how you believed in the existence of Santa years ago, but who knows maybe the old man in red clothes and big black boots with the sack on his back really exists.

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