As many of us know, Valentine's Day is considered as a special day for lovers. On this day lovers usually give various gifts to express their feelings.

The most well known gifts for Valentine's Day include chocolates and flowers. While roses are usually thought of as Valentine flowers, there are others that you can choose.

The other Valentine flowers include carnations, iris, tulips, lilies, daffodils and even daisies. The reason why some people will choose carnations to give as Valentine flowers is because of their rich, heady and spicy scent.

The smell of cloves and the many dainty petals of the carnation all seem to convey the idea that these beautiful flowers are ideal to have as a symbol of love.

Because of its intense fragrance and dainty petals, the iris is considered to as one of the most prominent valentine flowers. Aside from the baby's breath flower, iris is also considered also as one of the most fragrant and beautiful flowers.

However, the red rose still remains on top of the most adored valentine flowers.

One of the main reasons why roses are very popular as valentine flowers is because it is believed to be the symbol of love or affection. Also, this is the reason on why a lot of people like it as their gift during the Valentine's Day.

White, yellow and pink roses are also popular on Valentine's day. Aside from the fact that roses symbolize love, its sweet smell is also a reason why it is the flower of choice on Valentine's Day.

Another great flower for the Valentine's Day is the Tulips.

These graceful cup shaped flowers come in many beautiful shades so that even a few of these flowers mixed in with other flowers like carnations and daffodils will definitely show how you feel.

Besides sending real flowers for Valentine's Day you can select silk Valentine flowers instead. These flowers have the advantage of looking real without causing you or anyone else allergies.

As a result there are people who buy silk Valentine flowers when they want the flowers to last for a time. In addition to sending silk flowers, your Valentine flowers can be in the form of scented and shaped candles.

I hope this article has given you some ideas about the most suitable flowers to be used on the heart's day, and these are like the lilies, roses, tulips, carnations, daffodils, iris, and a lot more. You can even use silk flowers if you like as mentioned earlier.

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