by Jose Hart

Do you want to have a stress-free Christmas and have Christmas dcor out of harm's way? Follow these some fundamental instructions and be protected. First, don't switch on your Christmas lights if you're not at home. To leave a light display unattended may cause fire.

Next, obtain a smoke detectors and even fire extinguisher so that you are fire safe. Confirm to anyone in your home that they are aware of the fastest escape route to run away when there is fire. After that, as soon as possible, substitute burnt out Christmas lights with functioning ones.

It is important to make sure that light bulbs need to be replace once dead, and be sure that empty sockets are cover so kids won't able to touch them. Make sure to choose the exact wattage and size for the bulbs you're going to buy for replacement, to avoid accidents.

If you want to beautify the front yard of your home with the Christmas tree that are lights on, follow the similar procedure you do in trees indoors. Never place on metal trees the electric lights.M ake sure that the bulbs are kept from the trees out that are dried by positioning them in water but also don't allow anything to be closely to water. Fasten the trees so that no children rushing running or flurry storm could fell them down.

If you would use a long extension cord instead of using several short cords. Avoid placing cords near moist and hot place and even metal. Oven, heaters and fireplaces too are just some examples. Keep in mind to avoid putting these cords where people are walking. Instead position it adjacent to a wall. More than that don't try forcing into a two-hole outlet a three split plug.

Never run your extension cords from the inside of your home to your display in outdoor. More than that, if you try to connect holiday lights to outlets that are indoors, it will take so much extension cord that could have more places to wear out. In addition to that, when you try to run an extension cords under your carpet, near to furniture or even through passageway, the danger of wear and tear is higher because these are the places where anyone could step into it. So hire an electrician to help you install outdoor outlets.

Never lay a hand on the displayed holiday lights. Put out the lights first before you plan doing anything on that Christmas lights. Don't ever to permit children and pets to have contact to those lights displays. Keep in mind that when you can't make sure that your animals or kids will avoid the positions where you place the light, it is wise not to put those displays there.

Keep the displayed lights far from moist area. Locate plugs, outlets and cords or even other equipment in protected places which stays dry when there is storm.

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