by Michael Morales

Careers in the health care field have been in demand for decades. The job market continues to need more and more qualified individuals as people continue to live longer lives and continue to need medical attention. Many are returning to school in search of a recession proof job and healthcare is the answer. Health care careers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week which is particular interesting to those who prefer to work odd or non-traditional hours.

For those looking to get their feet wet in health care careers, entry level positions are available as a C.N.A. (certified nursing assistant) or as a phlebotomy technician. It is a C.N.A.'s job to assist nurses with their duties. They mostly work in long term care facilities but, with experience, can work in a hospital setting. Phleb techs draw blood in a lab, a doctor's office or in a hospital setting. Both positions require limited investments in time and money for certification and entrance into the health care field.

Jobs in health care will always be available and the most popular choice would be that of a nurse. A L.P.N. (licensed practical nurse) license can be obtained in 12 to 18 months while a R.N. license can be obtained in just over 2 years. Each state has different requirements regarding the educational courses, length of instruction and exam, or state board.

Another area that offers unlimited options for study is to become a tech. Techs are everywhere in a hospital. They work in med surg as surgical technicians. They monitor EEG machines on the cardiac floor. Techs also assist Obstetricians by performing ultrasounds. Techs can even assist the pharmacist in fulfilling prescriptions. Becoming a tech is a great option for those who do not wish to have heavy interaction with patients or for those who enjoy operating machines.

Many health care certificates and degrees are available through online programs. In fact, continuing on with college to receive a bachelor's or master's degree in nursing is a popular decision and it can be accomplished online. This is a huge help for those still trying to work a full time job while attending school.

Personal satisfaction is a huge motivator for those with health care careers. They take great pride in their work and in the knowledge that they are helping the sick and injured. Changing careers to one on health care is always a wise investment in the future as the jobs will always be available. Job security is never an issue when your choice is one of the many health care careers. - 39969

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