by Susanne Myers

What makes Halloween such a fun holiday? Is it creating the Jack O'Lanterns, the neighborhood raids for candy, the decorations, the parties, or is it something else? For many kids and grownups alike, the thing that makes Halloween the most fun is the costumes!

Many folks want to make their own costumes at home in order to create lasting memories with their children. However, this is not the only reason they want to make homemade costumes with their kids. More and more families are trying to watch their budget. Making their own fun costumes for Halloween is an easy and fun way to save money.

When you decide to make Halloween costumes at home, you need to ask yourself a few questions, like, will the costume be suitable for my child's age, will it work for the games planned at the party, how much time do I have to make the costume, and of course, how much money can I spend on a costume.

Who? - Costumes for a 12 year old child will be vastly different than costumes for a 1 year old child. Using beads and complicated accessories on a baby's costume is not safe. Whereas, an older child may enjoy fancy detail on their costume. If a child will be out on the streets Trick-or-Treating, then face painting is safer than a mask. Kids who are bobbing for apples shouldn't have their head wrapped up like a mummy. If you use common sense, you can create a great costume that will work well for any age and situation.

Time? - When you receive an announcement from your child's school that there will be a Halloween party "tomorrow", you will most likely have to dig around for the makings for a costume in your own closets. If you have the luxury of advanced notice, you may want to shop for materials to create the perfect costume for your youngster. It doesn't do you or your family any good to get frustrated with making a costume. After all, you're trying to create some fun with your family, not get the "perfect" costume made.

Money? - Whether you have all the time in the world to create Halloween costumes for your family, it won't do you any good if you ruin your budget in the process. Over-spending on costumes will certainly not create a very happy memory. Instead of robbing your grocery money for the week to pay for your little one's lavish costume complete with store-bought glitter and glamour, look for some fabulously bejeweled cast-offs either in your closet or at the local thrift store. That's what all those old bridesmaids dresses are made for!

Start by looking around your house. If you have cardboard boxes, you can turn your child into a car or gift, complete with a bow on top! Two sheets of posterboard or cardboard turned into a "sandwich board" structure is the perfect way to create a playing card, music cd, or Christmas tree. Cut cardboard out in the shape of fairy wings or butterfly wings, grab a little paint, and you have an instant transformation. Run a couple straps through in a backpack style, and your child is all set!

Necessity IS the mother of invention - especially when you've got no time and no money to spend. That's when digging in Mom and Dad's clothes closet comes in handy. Pull out the most normal looking items of clothing, put them on a child, and you are guaranteed some laughs. An old work shirt of Grandpa's, complete with suspenders, and an old hat, and your sweet little toddler is now a lumberjack. How about that satiny shirt that Mom doesn't wear anymore? With a pair of black pants or tights, and an old red towel, you've got yourself a matador.

Homemade Halloween costumes are really about creating fun and lasting memories with your family. After asking yourself some simple questions, who's the costume for, how much time do I have, and how much money can I spend, you should have a better idea of where to begin. Now that you've narrowed down your options, spend some time looking for ideas to spark your imagination, so that you're ready when your child looks at you for the answer to that question we hear year after year... What should I be for Halloween? - 39969

About the Author:
Halloween is fast approaching! When you want to create lasting memories, one of the simplest ways to have some family fun is by making your own Homemade Halloween Costumes together. With over 90 easy and creative ideas to choose from, your family will find the costume that's perfect for Trick-or-Treat night. I hope you'll be inspired to share in the fun of making Homemade Halloween Costumes with your own family this year!