by Arlene Crouch

The companies that produce food always make you think there is no difference between the sugar and High Fructose Corn Syrup, but you will take the time and trouble to check it on your own, you will realise how different they really are. And you will also find out how harmful they could be to your health if not controlled.

HFCS is a lab product which is meant to give the exact sweet that the sugar gives to food. The idea is to find a way out around the normal sugar since which is costive some times and it highly affordable when compared to the usual sugar.

One will really not find any fault with this HFCS product if it is really meant to cut down the cost of food production. That is the explanation the food manufacturers give to us, but have thought about what you stand to gain or suffer from this product.

What really happens is that, this HFCS product is prepared in a way to make it very easy to absorb. So instead of allowing the body to work at it normal pace to digest the foods you take, this products makes the work easy and faster and makes the digestive system underperform. And because of how easy it gets into your system, it induces your insulin to rise and fall at a faster pace.

One risk of dealing with this HFCS is that, they can easily store in your body lots of fat. This is basically because the insulin levels causes a faster rate of food digesting and gives the fat to the body to store, instead of breaking the fat down further. So if you thought it was cool to use HFCS, Do you still it is cool or you think otherwise.

And this HFCS has found it way into most of the food you eat. The cake has it, the bread and most of the drinks you take. It is therefore very difficult to avoid this HFCS.

But you can surely do something about this situation. If even you cannot avoid eating them, at least you can cut down on the quantity you take. You can ensure this by reading the product labels to make sure they are not always HFCS product.

You need to find a perfect way of solving this problem, but at best try and avoid eating HFCS all the time. And a smart way is to check them out from the food la bells even before you buy it. If you really want to keep a good weight what the food you take in. - 39969

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