by Owen Jones

I do not know about you, but the majority of people find Christmas shopping very stressful. Traipsing from shop to shop looking for gifts for your list of loved ones. The jostling in the cold or the snow, but it does all seem worth it when you find something that you know will be treasured by the recipient. One of the most popular types of presents is clothing.

However, purchasing clothing is not easy either, unless you know the person concerned very well indeed. Some people are very particular about the colours and even the labels they wear. Some might be insulted if you get the wrong size, especially if you buy something a few sizes too big. The material can also cause a problem if the recipient is allergic to it.

In spite of these problems, presents of clothing are still popular, so I will give a few suggestions on buying clothing for others for novices, who will probably be mostly single young men.

Size is a problem for some articles of clothing like slacks, dresses, and blazers, whereas it is best to err in favour of the larger sizes if you are buying a sweater or a jumper as baggy jumpers and sweaters look good too and are even stylish. Men's shirts on the other hand should be the correct size, while women's blouses can be a size too big depending on the style of the blouse.

Neither shirts nor blouses may be too small, because they are uncomfortable and make it look as if the wearer has put on weight. Underwear has to fit well too.

Therefore, when choosing clothing for someone whose size you are unsure of, pick one of the articles above for which the correct size is not too important. Otherwise you will have to ask the size from someone who might know. Large people often like to wear baggy clothing.

Colour is another obstacle, but the safest bet, if you do not know the recipient's preferences is to get a colour that you have seen that person wearing most frequently. Otherwise, go for traditional colours such as a white shirt or blouse. Many largish people like to wear black too because it is said to make the wearer look thinner.

As for style, that is very awkward. One way you can get around this though is to point out a style, perhaps on TV or in a glossy magazine and say that you like it asking for the intended recipient's opinion. If you are not in a position to do this because of distance or time, then you would be better off buying something conventional.

Traditional clothing does not go out of fashion as quickly as the latest craze. Or buy something that should be worn on holiday. I do not mean swim wear, but perhaps a smock or poncho that can be worn when one has had sufficient sun. Ponchos can be many sizes too big; height is more important than girth.

If you follow these guidelines you ought to be able to find some item of clothing for the people on you gift list.

About the Author:

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