by Denver Burke

Chocolate is a regular choice of gift for shoppers at Christmas. Meaning the choice of chocolate can be equally as important, especially to the recipient. The variety of options include a standard bar, advent calendar, selection boxes, personalised chocolate and so forth. However, despite this, taste varies dramatically. And crucially, it is important to understand the contributing factors which ensure what makes a quality chocolate.

It is however important to state that chocolate is a matter for individual taste and not a generic view held between people. So, a simple list of the best chocolate brands will not be discussed because obvious preference for these will be extremely varied. For example, the taste difference between dark and white chocolate and their desired preference between each etc. 

In deciphering quality, by looking at the ingredients, this can provide a good quality indication because the coca content should be between 70 and 85 percent, whereas anything different means it will usually be replaced by sugar and fats. This replacement will dilute the flavour and taste of flavours often found within luxury chocolate, making it less appealing and even visibility unattractive. 

This visible unattractiveness can be a direct result of the sugar and fats, because when you try and snap it, it should be a clean snap, otherwise quality is reduced. Also, by diluting the ingredients, the result can make the chocolate have streaks, blemishes or cracks aside of the external factors, once in the mouth, it should melt instantly, thus releasing the full array of flavours. These flavours should not be compromised by any delay or apparent waxy, grainy or powdery taste. But instead, simple smooth and silky melting. 

So, although the simple option is to chose a local supermarket, try and expand your horizons and idea of what good chocolate consists off by browsing private and individual firms who specialise their operations on homemade rather than mass produced regimes. The recipient will not only feel greater care has been undertaking within your decision process, but also, you can have a sample of the chocolates before a purchase is made. Everyone benefits.

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