by Tony Ferraro

Christmas season is just around the corner and it is time to bring out the decorations. You should get that authentic Christmas feeling by getting a real fir tree and decorating your house with real mistletoe and natural wreaths. It is easy to buy natural decorations but the problem always comes down to picking the right one especially with the Christmas wreaths.

First factor to consider about your natural wreaths is where you want to place them. Natural wreaths are not as durable as plastic wreaths so you need to be extra careful with their placements. You need to buy durable wreaths if you plan to place them outdoors. The outdoor wreaths will be exposed to all the harsh cold weather so decorations like real flowers will not last very long. So find wreaths with simple designs; for example, having only boughs and ribbons as they can last in the cold weather. 

Next you will need to make a decision on the size of the Christmas Wreaths you will need. Wreaths that hang usually come in two sizes, one of traditional size at 24" or one a little smaller and contemporary with a circumference of 18" inches. Most people use the traditional design wreaths for outdoor displays and use the contemporary design wreaths for indoor decor. The larger traditional design is a great way to catch people's attention when outside. Then the littler and more contemporary design is useful when attempting to fit a wreath into a cozier room.

Next is the design of the wreaths. Aim for a simple look for outdoor wreaths and a complicated design for indoor wreaths. Outdoor wreaths don't need to be complicated as the decoration items might not be able to stand the weather. Also no one wants to stand outside and admire your wreaths in the cold weather. They rather go inside your comfortable house and that is when they have the time to admire your decorations.

Some outdoor wreaths have decorations such as fruits items on them. Most of the time, the fruits are dried or preserved to make them last longer. It is really a better choice to go for dried fruits rather than preserved fruits because the preservatives have the capabilities of damaging your door.

If you want your indoor wreaths to be special then you can look for those wreaths with treats. They are usually made with edible fruits so guests can look and eat the fruits. The drawbacks of these wreaths with treats are - they are quite expensive and will slowly lose their decoration value as guests eat the fruits.

It is also important to remember that some natural wreaths are easier to take care of when compared to others. Wreaths that are made out of twigs do not require really any maintenance as you just need to sprinkle some water on them sporadically such as once per week. Wreaths with flowers are more fragile and do require more care than with the tradition type of wreath. The flowers need to be sprinkled water on the nearly daily and you also need to avoid putting it in direct sunlight or heat such as near a fireplace. Some natural wreaths feature a moss as base to provide needed nutrients to the decoration plants and those that require more care.

If you follow these instructions, you will find out that shopping for natural Christmas wreaths aren't that hard.

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