by Thomas Twain

Don't feel bad if you cannot lose weight quickly, many people have the same problem. Statistics show that out of all the people that try, only 5% can keep weight off. However, the problem is not with you. The real reason you cannot lose weight fast is most likely because you are buying something to help you. I know the people that sell diet and weight loss products don't want to hear this, but here's the truth: No diet or weight loss product is proven to work over the long term for quick weight loss. When you see a sales pitch to lose your belly or body fat fast, the pitch is basically this: All you have to do is give us some money and let our amazing shortcut quickly get rid of all your belly or body fat for you. There's only one problem with that:

But suppose there's a party, reunion or other special occasion coming up in two weeks. You've got the perfect outfit for it, but it's just a little tight right now. You need to lose about 5-7 pounds and you're looking for ideas on how to lose that weight fast. We're not talking an extended diet plan - just some options for quick weight loss. Well, there are several different methods out there.

One popular way people have found to lose weight fast is the "cabbage diet." The basis of the diet is a soup made of cabbage and other vegetables and foods. This is often called a "negative calorie diet" as these foods are said to require more calories to burn than they provide. Here's how it works: you eat all the soup you want on the first day.

Here the total truth when it comes to how to lose weight fast. Anything will work, IF if makes you have a daily calorie deficit. But, here's what they're not telling you:

Don't get me wrong, I am not advocating that one abandons exercise for a fast thrill with over the counter medication etc. I am a fitness coach after all, but I am not immune to the realities of today's lifestyle, and how many suffer a silent struggle, wondering how to lose weight fast and easy, and still have their significant other love and support them without unwarranted comments and judgements.

Permanently and rapidly dropping off the weight you no longer want is actually much simplier that your know. It's getting ripped off by the diet and weight loss industry with a useless scam or a prodcut that can only work temporarly that makes you falsely believe that you cannot lose weight fast. It's forcing yourself to eat bland diet foods, go hungry, or do brutal workouts that makes you think it's not worth the effort to lose weight. But trust what I'm telling you here: Taking some time and discovering what works in reality- and then discovering how to adapt it to fit you is really, really, worth it. I guarantee you that's it's worth far more than you can even begin to imagine. - 39969

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