by Musa Aykac

We are now speedily approaching Christmas and there is going to be a lot of pressure to eat and drink more than normal. If you have been struggling to keep your weight in check then this time of year can be particularly hard. A lot of people who have been watching their weight for months will end up putting on everything that they had lost over Christmas. This is a particularly difficult period for those watching their weight but the following tips will help you if you are in this position.

- If you are attending a party then you need to be very careful about what you drink and eat. Some alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are just packed with empty calories. Most snacks will have tons of calories in them too so you need to watch how many of these you are eating. You do want to enjoy the party but just be sensible about it.

- Don't let your exercise regime fall away over the Christmas period because it could be the middle of next year before you can get back into it again. Keep exercising over the holidays and at least that way you will be burning calories and reinforcing your determination to keep the weight off.

- It is essential that you break the habit of treating yourself with food over Christmas. Eating so much that you end up feeling very bloated and even ill is not a good idea. If you really want to treat yourself then just go for a walk.

- One way to stay on track over the holidays is to buy yourself a weight loss book that you will find motivational.

- If you do overindulge there is no point in feeling bad about it. If you have eaten too much then start thinking of ways to undo the damage instead of just falling off the wagon completely.

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