by Ledley Withenshaw

All kids seem to go through a dinosaurs phase at some point in their childhood. I'm not sure what the exact fascination is but I can guess that these weird looking creatures just get into their imagination and they want to learn everything they can about them. For kids that want a bit more of an interactive experience, then the latest thing is interactive dinosaur toys. Having a robotic pet is a huge craze thisChristmas, so why not be original and go for a robotic dinopet instead of a hamster, cat, dog or parrot ? This article will detail three lovable dinopets that kids would like at Christmas.

Our first dinopet is called D-Rex. He is a Tyrannosaurus Rex - the apparent king of the dinosaurs according to us but I'm sure a few other species might have had something to say about that. I would say D-Rex is a funny toy that will have kids 6 and up in fits of laughter. Adults will probably get a kick out of him too (or maybe that should be a bite).

He is quite advanced in that he can sense movement and sound. He will faithfully follow things that move around or make a sound (which really annoys real life pets). He can guard things and use his impressive set of fangs to bite anything that moves. He can also make funny noises from the front and rear ends of his body, with comical effects. He will make a variety of sounds based on how and where you stroke him or tickle him even. He is kind of clever, a bit predictable but mostly a lot of fun.

Pleo is a Camarasaurus. In fact he is described as a one week old, orphaned Camarasaurus who needs some TLC. He is searching for a loving family. It's safe to say that Pleo is the more complex interactive dinosaur toy of the three presented here. In truth he is hardly a toy. He can learn from his experiences and will grow (personality wise that is - not size wise - this is described as artificial intelligence ) based on how you treat and bring him up.

He can also be in a good mood, a grumpy mood, sleepy and a range of other emotions based on how you treat him. He has more parts than the others plus more sensors and complex software for his 'brain'. This can be updated as research continues on coordinating the software with the robotic and mechanical elements of the dinosaur.

Kota is the last dinosaur featured and he is also a baby. He is a baby triceratops. In my experience, children are fond of about three main dinosaurs, triceratops always seems to make the cut so to speak. This is probably because he is the most distinctive dinosaur along with the Stegosaurus.

Kota is created for young children and toddlers (with supervision). He is best summed up as an interactive dinosaur rocking horse. He is large and younger children can ride on him. He will rock up and down and make dinosaur noises. Alternatively, you can play music from him. Kids can also feed him and stroke him. He will react to this by pretending to eat the leaves, moving his head up and down and wiggling other parts of his body, including the cute little tail. - 39969

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