by Clare Westwood

Jewellery to wear at Christmas parties

Christmas is the perfect time to show off, so with invitations to various Christmas parties and events piling up at your door, you should be searching for the perfect jewellery to complement your outfit. Every woman wants to stand out at a party, so follow our simple guide to stop you blending in with the Christmas tree this year.

Costume jewellery is great for young and adventurous women who like to make a statement with their jewellery. A plain black dress from the back of the wardrobe can be suitably livened up with some bold and funky pieces. Crystal cuff bangles are set to be popular the party season. They feature beautiful designs which are encrusted with crystals to make you sparkle on the dance floor. You could wear this as a stand-alone piece or team it with a matching crystal hair clip.

If you're looking for something more sophisticated and understated then silver jewellery is the perfect choice for you. Silver emulates quality and glamour to any look but is probably best for formal dinners or parties. Try a simple silver necklace with a charm or a pendant and match this with either small earrings or a bracelet and you will be ready to go.

By far the most special kind of jewellery is antique and vintage jewellery. This includes unique items like brooches, hair pieces and necklaces that will really set you apart from the crowd. These are sometimes more expensive than other types of jewellery but they are well worth the investment as they will always be in style and most will retain their value. They can add a classic and unique tough to modern clothing.

The festive period is a great time to purchase jewellery as you are guaranteed to wear it at office parties and Christmas meals. Online jewellery shops can take the stress out of searching by providing catalogues which allow you to find the perfect item.

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