by Olivia Campbell-Price

Dolls appear to be a perennial favorite in terms of Christmas presents and toys, specially for girls. There are actually loads of types of dolls that appeal to girls of all ages, one such range that is a reasonably new line is the Lalaloopsy dolls. Many are predicting they are going to be a hot seller for Christmas. The next few paragraphs will strive to explain why this is the case and what makes them so different from others.

There seem to be two types of dolls that are popular these days. The 1st are those that are like genuine babies and behave like a real infant. Therefore they may howl and gurgle and do things a true baby may do. They encourage a little girl to take care of them and pretend that they have got their own newborn.

Another kind are products like Barbie and Bratz dolls which are more aspirational in viewpoint. These are for older girls and also collectors. They follow the latest trends and fashions. They encourage girls to act out how they might want their own life to turn out. Barbie are regularly tapping into the latest cultural tendencies to boot. The latest instance of this might be the Twilight Barbie dolls.

Lalaloopsy dolls are different yet again. They may be described as colorful and a little bit silly. If you check out them it is immediately clear that this is exactly the case.

They're incredibly multicolored with a heavy emphasis on the color pink. They even have a cartoon like look about them. They have got over sized heads as well as button eyes. Their bodies are squashy similar to an original rag doll your Grandma may have played with when she was a small girl.

They are inspired by the old raggedy dolls that individuals used to create for their young ones way back when. These handmade toys could be made from left over stuff like old buttons, strands of wool and cuttings from fabric that may have originally made a dress. And the Lalaloopsy dolls aim to recreate this look.

In the case of each Lalaloopsy doll, different materials are used to make them and, in some magical way that is unique to Lalaloopsy land, this influences their personalities.

Thus, for instance, Dot Starlight is made from an old Astronauts outfit. Therefore she is engrossed in the stars as well as flying. All of the dolls have their very own pet that also reflects their character and interests. In reality, you can actually suggest the pet is similar to an avatar for the doll. There are actually eight characters that all have distinctive looks and personalities.

The Lalaloopsy dolls have a much more innocent look to them than the seemingly classy Barbie and Bratz alternatives which probably are not right and proper for younger girls. And they advance fantasy and creative play rather then modeling grownup behavior like a life like doll.

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