by Jason Bluemoore

I've been buying disposable contact lenses online for the longest time now because of both the convenience and the lower prices. There's a particular optometry website that I've been patronizing for a couple years, but I never really browsed through the other products before because I'm always in a hurry and just want to place my order and be done with it. But I had some extra time last week, so I decided to check out other parts of the site. I needed some new prescription sunglasses anyway, and thought I might get lucky. But then I got distracted by a special offer for colored contacts.

Up until that point, I figured colored contacts were only for the movies or for Halloween, but I guess that's not the case anymore. These days, more and more people are using colored contacts instead of standard clear ones in order to enhance their natural eye color, go for an entirely different color, or just have fun. I've never been particularly fond of my natural eye color, so I was interested in seeing what kind of effect I could get from colored contacts.

My optometrist's site had a terrible selection so I decided to follow the ad I saw and browse some other websites. I searched elsewhere and found a vast array of colored contacts for cheap. I mean half the price of my current contacts and I could even get them with a prescription. There was awesome designs on some and even multicolored contacts. Some even had football logos on them. Talk about being a wild fan!

I chose immediately to order some red and green contacts since Christmas was coming up. Then I also got some blue ones because I've always wanted blue eyes. I figured if they felt good I would buy more and if not, Oh well. At least I went out on a limb and tried them.

I got my contacts in a very short amount of time. I tried on my blue contacts first since I would probably use those the most if I liked them. I ended up loving these new things. They were the right prescription and fit like a glove... On my eye! Everyone at work thought they were great so I got all the positive reinforcement that I needed! I won't be shopping on my optometrist's site for a while! - 39969

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