by Tifto Sawyer

How could you not love Halloween, the opportunity of the year to dress up in a creative Halloween Outfit? Sometimes, the grown-ups turn into better characters than the kids! Everyone can join the excitement whether you purchase a cheap Halloween outfit or make an outfit yourself. Be unique, and put your imagination to work.

Costume Accessories and Makeup can be a super way to keep down the cost of making your own costume. Be sure to address safety issues when selecting a Halloween mask since you have to be able to see, hear and breathe properly. A little ghoulish makeup or wig can address that issue by getting rid of the need for a mask.

Use some of that dreadful out of style eyeshadow or that paper-doll colored foundation and you've got all the basics for a terrific monster costume, or geisha girl. As long as it isn't expired, most kids can tolerate face makeup; just don't fail to try out a small area first since you would hate if you ruined trick-or-treating because your little monster couldn't tolerate his face!

Halloween Horror Masks are necessities if you plan to spook the crowd plus, you can't go wrong with a classic mask. The old favorite horror masks like a Jason mask, or Freddy Mask are excellent picks, or choose from the top 10 masks for the season. Theoretically, spend a little on a mask and you have an item on hand for the next time you dress up, or change it up by trading with a friend the next time you dress up.

Kids Costumes, toddler Halloween costumes, or even a plus size cheap Halloween outfit can be sewn with what you have around the house. You can save a bundle if you sew your own baby outfits and infant outfits . There are some cute, easy ideas out there. Learning to sew a Halloween outfit is an easy enough project that is very forgiving. Even if it is not perfect it can be easily overlooked on a Halloween costume you make since it is supposed to be all in fun, right?

Make it family fun this Halloween by outfitting the family in coordinating cheap Halloween outfits. How about dressing the Mad Hatter and Queen of Hearts to accompany Alice in Wonderland? For couple costumes choose the characters from Avatar to dress up like Jake Sully and Neytiri. The list goes on from Disney character outfits to politician costumes.

Don't forget to add some Halloween party supplies for that Halloween party. With the many choices of Halloween decoration ideas, and props you can plan a super Halloween party . How about keeping under budget with some Halloween ice trays? Think what you can do with some plastic mice and red food coloring in ice trays. Sounds pretty gross but a perfect Halloween punch addition! Set the mood with a spooky sound machine and light show or the less expensive option of a cd player with a scary music disc. Keep it fun this Halloween on a budget! - 39969

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