by Vonda Fox

Ho, Ho, Ho may be what you are shopping for but your kids are thinking about all the candy they will get for Halloween and the costume they will wear. Yes it is time to shop for then once more and you may be looking for a Halloween Costume idea that will wow the judges. Your costume is out there and here are a few tips to get you started.

If you want to you can find great costumes on sale the day after Halloween. Just like other holidays their inventory goes on sale. This is an affordable option for many people. It is especially good for little ones who really do not care about what they wear anyway.

Kids love to choose their own costumes so let them. Also let them know that the sooner they choose the more likely it is that they get what they want. Have them write down three choices just in case and number them one through three. You can also tell them that if you shop around it is a good idea. There is nothing wrong with giving them a limit to the cost of their costume as well.

If you are a parent that does not allow your child to wear scary costumes then that is your choice. Be firm with your child when they are looking and explain to them why you do not allow it. "Just Because" doesn't help a child understand the choices you are making. If you have a teen who want a provocative costume you have every right to pull the plug on the costume as well.

It is also fun to make something unique. This can be done by making your costume. It can be sewn or pieced together. You can visit thrift shops or find things around the house. Finding the treasure that makes your costume can be as fun as wearing it many times.

Have a great time choosing the right Halloween costume idea that works the best for you. You will find the your great Halloween costume idea is out there waiting for you with a little imagination and thinking. Give a limit to the choices appropriate for your child and set a dollar amount. Teach them how to shop within a budget while trying on different ideas and you can even pick up a costume for yourself as well. - 39969

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