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Any party, no matter what the special event or holiday celebration, can be a causal or formal affair, requiring simple, classic decorative components or elaborate, trendy or themed decorations. No matter the style or kind of party you're interested in hosting, the table will be the central piece which ties all the decor together.

A well-set dining table or buffet table can establish or solidify the theme of any gathering. The manner in which you decorate your dining area or serving table can build your atmosphere or detract from it. Establishing the mood of the gathering is best achieved through the careful planning of decorative components and design elements.

Party Style

A casual Halloween party for young or old can be funny, scary, trendy or any combination thereof. Kids' parties are often best when on the casual side. A nice buffet table will do the trick. Adult parties can be casual or formal and the manner in which you set the table creates the party's style.

Party Theme

Any style of party can be themed but if you select a theme for your Halloween party, you'll want to stick with it. A cohesive theme is achieved by ensuring that all your decorations, dishes, serving platters, table coverings and napkins are suitable.


Your choice of centerpiece will be determined by the theme and style of your party and by the number of guests you intend to invite. If, for instance, you're having a casual, buffet-style party with a haunted house theme, a skull and crossbones centerpiece may be a good choice. For a more formal dinner party for just a few of your adult friends, perhaps a witches cauldron, decked out with a green submersible light and some dry ice might work well, allowing your dinner table to be awash in witches' brew throughout the meal.

Parties for small children must usually be toned down a little, with less frightening and more cartoonish decorations. There are plenty of age-appropriate centerpieces to choose from and you're sure to find one that fits well with your party's theme and style.

If you're planning a party for a large number of guests at which each and every attendee will have a seat at a table for dinner, you have the opportunity to mix and match centerpieces. A unique display at the center of each and every table brings more fun to the party than having multiple centerpieces of the same type. Whether you have a buffet table or a dinner table set for individual guests, consider selecting an intriguing centerpiece that will help you establish your overall party theme and atmosphere.

Table Coverings and Napkins

One of the biggest and most important ways to dress up a table for any occasion is through the use of a festive tablecloth, napkins, placemats and linens. For a formal dinner, you may want to include a themed tablecloth, a nice centerpiece linen, and individual cloth placemats and napkins for each guest.

For a buffet table, a themed tablecloth will be your backdrop. Cloth napkins can be placed under each serving dish to highlight the item and bring additional decorative appeal to your table. Layering fabrics of different styles and colors creates a unique and inviting table. Tablecloths and napkins can have decorative designs or be solid colors. Mixing and matching patters, colors, styles and fabrics makes for a rich presentation.

Serving Utensils, Dishes and Platters

There are plenty of novelty items out there these days, and serving utensils with a Halloween theme can easily be found. How fun would it be to host a dinner party for friends and use serving utensils that look like a skeleton's hand? Of, for a kid's party, consider using serving spoons and forks with shaped handles, depicting images of vampires, Frankenstein, mummies, ghosts or goblins. It's easy to find common Halloween images on plastic serving utensils these days.

If you're hosting a formal dinner party, you should consider using standard silverware. However, for a more casual gathering, plastic utensils with Halloween images on the handles can be an excellent choice. Whether you're hosting the party for adult friends, a group of children, or a mixed group, Halloween plastic utensils adds another level to your party decorations.

The dishes you choose for your table, whether set for dining or simply for serving food, help establish your theme and party style as well. Serving dishes featuring Halloween shapes like skulls, jack-o-lanterns, bats, spiders, or ghosts add flare to the table. Halloween decorative motifs printed on serving platters are unearthed as snacks are consumed. - 39969

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