by Ryan Baggins

Holidays are generally a time for decorating the house and yard with things that a shiny or pink or even harvest basket colors. And then there is Halloween. A posable skeleton for Halloween is just very strange when you look at other decorations for other holidays.

Christmas has quite the opposite effect on most people. Except for the Nutcracker Suite, few people wear wigs and masks on that holiday. Easter can be serious or fun but again the masks are rare.

The only real damage one can do on Christmas is to give a niece or nephew a drum set or toy piano. Even those two irritating gifts do not ask you to string bones and brains around the window frames or hang gauze in the closet for effect. They just bring parents to tears in less than 24 hours. Maybe they should be reclassified as Halloween treats?

So Just what is so appealing about dressing up in fanciful costumes. Why would anyone decorate a home with severed body parts? And, what right minded housekeeper would string up things that are normally squashed and swept away?

It may be that the majority of people on this earth spend so many days leading a normal humdrum existence that a little bit of the bizarre is just what the doctor ordered.

Certainly those kids who wear the black long coats and thick black eye makeup are having an admitted macabre good time. Perhaps they should dress up as psychologists on Halloween and look pleasantly interested in all of us. Certainly it would be as strange for them during that 24 hours as it is for us wearing the hula skirt and clown makeup.

It may be that our Goth brothers and sister simply let the dark be seen in the sunshine and the rest of world hides it until October 31. Or that they tend to be a little more up front about their dark sides? Who knows?

Well who knows? But that strange posable skeleton for Halloween? Maybe no real explanation is need. - 39969

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