by Jeniffer Beckersen

Santa Claus hasn't always been the premier symbol of Christmas. But his legend over the past two centuries has come to take center stage during this magical time of year. Greeting card designers continue that delightful script by offering a complete array of Santa ClausChristmas cards.

The Vintage Santa Christmas greeting card is an ideal selection for those who love the old styles. Santa holds aloft your card and says a friendly hello to all your friends and family. The drawing might have come straight from a last century's newspaper. Still, the message has remained the same and your loved ones will delight in this jolly design.

Get three Santas for the price of one with the Modern Santa Christmas Card design. Santa warms up for his long trip to deliver presents to the whole world as he leaps for joy on this card. This charming design will motivate you to do a little exercise, one that involves writing a few words from the heart for all your friends and family.

Christmas just wouldn't be the same without sweets, would it? The Santa's Sweets Holiday Card design provides the ideal way to deliver your tasty message. Spend a few minutes devising some delicious thoughts for your loved ones and turn your words into a greeting card masterpiece. This card's seasonally-colored stockings are hung from the mantle and there's one for everyone. Fill them with feelings of joy at this special time of year.

The Santa's Sparrow Christmas Photo Card features one of the little creatures that help him bring good cheer to all. No, it's not an elf. A little red bird sitting in a delightful tree sings out a joyful tune to motivate Santa Claus to hurry on his rounds. Use the image area to feature a portrait of your little one eagerly awaiting his arrival.

The Santa's Ride Holiday Greeting Card substitutes helium for a sleigh this year. Fly away with Santa as he floats off using reindeer balloons to deliver gifts! Create instant smiles by selecting this charming cartoon to convey your Christmas wishes. Create those wishes by devising some personalized text to match Santa's fun new method of transportation.

Santa, St. Nick, and a dozen other names have been used for this universal symbol of good will during the Christmas season. There are dozens of Santa Christmas cards to choose from so you can name the jolly old soul anyway you'd like. - 39969

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