by Theresa Monaco

The charming tradition of Christmas hampers - boxes or baskets crammed with seasonal treats and gourmet delights - is a British institution, which is probably why they are also popular in New Zealand and Australia. The fact that they are eagerly anticipated gifts in Europe and the United States speaks more for the excellence of the goodies inside, perhaps.

Xmas hampers are a British tradition that is enjoyed now in many places of the world. Some famous names are still in the business, and there are a lot of new faces in the industry. With options that range from traditional to trendy, you will have no difficulty finding the perfect combination of holiday delights. In addition to the variety of standard gift baskets you will see online, you can even design your own; many companies allow you to tell them how to create a gift that is uniquely yours.

There are some great ideas in the standard gift hampers. You will have to decide if a Spirit of Christmas basket is better than a ChristmasTraditions box, or if Pure Indulgence is more appealing than Decadence. Sending a gift of the tastes, smells, and sparkle of the season is the perfect way to say everything from 'Thank you for all you do' to 'I love you, I miss you, I wish you were here!'

Many corporations have found that hampers are wonderful corporate gifts, which are appreciated by employees who really don't need another desk set or fountain pen. Corporate gifts can be crafted with a business logo on a tag or on decorative ribbons, personalized with gift cards, and created with your choice of contents. The appointed account manager will follow the arrangements from start to finish, so nothing falls through the cracks. Delivery can be coordinated so that all gifts are received on the same day, even at widely spaced branch offices.

There is a wide choice of standard hampers, and you may find that it is hard to decide one you want to send to a special someone. With wine hampers, ones that either deliver breakfast in bed or cookies to enjoy while trimming the tree, or gift hampers full of melt-in-your-mouth chocolate, how can you fail to find the one that delivers the most personal message? Of course, many companies will work with you so you can design your own unique collection of goodies.

For your politically correct friends, check out the Fair Trade collections; for your adventurous ones, try the Picnic Companion; for those for whom you wish adventure choose the Perfect Picnic Hamper, which comes with utensils as well as goodies. If they are allergic, there are gluten-free choices. If they are picky, there are hampers with fresh produce, fresh-baked treats, and preservative-free goodies. From the makings of an hour of complete luxury to an entire Christmas feast, a gift hamper can be whatever you want it to be.

History has shown that no gift is more appreciated than a well-filled gift hamper. You read about them in novels, you hear people reminisce about the ones of Christmas past, and you can hear the real appreciation in the thank you notes. Check the shipping possibilities of the companies you find online, since some ship only in their home countries.

Christmas hampers can be seen online, you can send for brochures, and you can even have your own account manager if you are coordinating the gifting for a large group. Check online for the gift hampers and the service that you need. - 39969

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