by Matt Johnston

Have you been very busy getting ready for Christmas? And have you forgotten all about the cards in the rush? Then don't panic, you don't have to spend much, they may be made out of cheap cardboard, but it doesn't matter. You can send out cards with warm wishes. It is the thought that counts.

Choosing the kinds of cards to send people you love is always tough, mainly because there are just so many to choose from that it becomes confusing. For people whom you do not know too well, maybe generic cards will do. For your friends, anything goes. You can send them cards that have holiday jokes, a funny image, or even one of those cards that play music. You know what those cards are. You open them up and a holiday tune starts to play. It might be annoying for some, but you know the people who adore them and even find them funny.

If you can find some coloured paper, cardboard, crayons, glue and scissors, you don't need to worry about buying cards. You can save that money for later use. You can make your own card now. If you can't find any pictures you could paste on your card, then go on and look in your scrapbooks, look for pictures which you could use on your card. Now you got everything you need, so go on, start making your cards.

Just do not forget to write a Christmas message on the back otherwise the people who receive this card might just think you have gone nuts. Perhaps they might think you are too broke to buy cards, and send you back some money. Merry Christmas to you then. If you run across cards that say some of the proceeds from their sale will benefit a charity, then go for these cards. It is the season for giving and while your cards are making the person who receives them happy, the proceeds will make some charity very happy too.

Have you ever heard of the cards made by the children of UNICEF? They are so adorable; you can even write your own message on the inside of some. By sending these cards you can show the others how nice it feels to help people, even in a small way. You don't have to worry that your money was spent in vain, somewhere in this world a young girl or boy is able to enjoy Christmas, because you purchased these cards which were made by them. How better can it get? It will be the best Christmas you have ever spent.

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